The Jo Dickey Foundation was established to help mentally and physically challenged members of the community in improving their quality of life. This improvement can be achieved through the universal empowerment of this group, within their greater communities, as individuals. This is the concept underlying what has come to be known by the term "community living"; a concept conceived through the pioneering vision of Jo Dickey in the 1970's.

With the increased awareness and acceptance of these members of our community by the general population, opportunities to improve the quality of their life have never been greater. These opportunities, however, come at a cost. It is the mission of the Jo Dickey Foundation to help provide the funds necessary to afford these unique individuals a chance to live in respect and harmony with the rest of society.

Some of the funds raised will be used to purchase items that will be of direct tangible benefit to these people. Programs to provide these individuals with the knowledge necessary in engendering self advocacy are vital to the continued development of community living. The Jo Dickey Foundation will also deliver financial assistance to help provide recreational and social activities. This will broaden the experience of these important members of our community and will greatly enhance their ability to participate in society.

The more assistance that the Foundation is able to supply to these individuals, the greater the understanding by the general population that the benefits of community living are felt by everyone.